Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Nelson Hardiman is the law firm for behavioral healthcare providers. We understand how the Affordable Care Act and addiction parity laws have fueled unprecedented growth and spawned a burgeoning need for regulatory compliance and new standards of operations, treatment and care. We work closely with federal and state regulators across the country, to understand current regulatory and reimbursement challenges and to forge solutions to emerging behavioral healthcare issues.

Industry leaders for more than a decade, we have gone further than any other law firm to identify and solve the biggest problems facing the industry. We are regularly asked to speak on television news and at national conferences on behavioral health issues. We led the launch of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP) to establish guidelines to help the behavioral healthcare industry comply with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. We handle every facet of legal services and solutions for behavioral healthcare providers and are frequently acknowledged as thought leaders for our work. In short, there is nothing we can’t do for behavioral healthcare providers.