The Medical Board of California (“Board”) has issued its own warnings and instructions regarding an ongoing scam involving fake callers who seek to extort physicians by posing as DEA agents.  In May, Nelson Hardiman reported on earlier iterations of this scam.

According to the Board’s latest warning, scam artists are calling California physicians and posing as “DEA agents”—as well as “Board staff”—to discuss “investigations” into illegal drug trafficking by the physician.  The scammers then threaten the physician with license suspension and in some instances may provide an “Agreement for Bond and Protocols” that prohibits the licensee from disclosing the investigation to any third party and requests a bond fee payment of $25,000.00.

While we previously reported that victims’ caller ID may display “Drug Enforcement Agency,” the Board now reports that the scammers’ phone number may show up as the Board’s toll-free number, (800) 633-2322.

Physicians and other victims are reminded that the no DEA agent or Board staff will ever contact physicians by telephone to demand money and that scams may be reported to the DEA and/or the Board.

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