Harry Nelson Published in Behavioral Healthcare: Addiction treatment is booming and under-regulatedHarry Nelson was published in a Behavioral Healthcarearticle titled “Addiction treatment is booming and under-regulated” which discusses the unprecedented growth in addiction treatment providers due to recent parity laws and the Affordable Care Act. Along the way, the volume of insurance reimbursement for addiction treatment centers and capital from investors keen to participate has fueled the launch of new facilities as well as the growth of many existing providers.

While business reports about the recent growth across the field of addiction treatment are positively sunny, there are clouds on the horizon.

Among other things, many state regulators were not prepared for the growth of the industry and have found themselves overwhelmed and not able to regulate effectively. States are being forced to adapt quickly to provide more robust oversight and challenge practices perceived as unsafe. Similarly, insurance companies have been trying to stem the flow of claim reimbursement by cracking down on practices they regard as fraudulent and abusive. Some states and some insurers are further along than others in their enforcement efforts, but the bottom line is that all treatment providers need to be on notice that increased scrutiny is coming.


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