We have unrivaled experience representing physicians in today’s increasingly complex healthcare industry. For more than 25 years Nelson Hardiman attorneys have advised medical groups, physician organizations, and individual practitioners on the legal intricacies of medical practice. We help our clients grow their medical practices provide the highest level of patient care and achieve their professional goals by structuring healthcare businesses to comply with stringent regulatory and licensing requirements and minimize risk across the board.

Nelson Hardiman lawyers represent doctors in licensing, credentialing and reimbursement proceedings and advise large managed care physician organizations. We know the regulatory enforcement issues of physician practice and have the legal chops to craft effective compliance solutions. In the rapidly evolving world of modern medicine, we navigate the operational complications of value-based care and the nuanced complexities of physician practices and medical staffs. We proactively tackle healthcare issues and help drive next generation healthcare concepts to realization for our physician clients. Thought leaders committed to the future of the healthcare industry we are consummate problem-solvers for physicians’ regulatory, transactional, and litigation needs.