Psychedelic Support Webinar – Legal Landscape – August 16

August 16th at 9 AM PT
Q&A with Psychedelic Therapy Legal Experts

With Adriana Kertzer, JD,
Harry Nelson, JD, & Deborah Linden Saly, JD.

The legal landscape of psychedelic therapies has been evolving rapidly.

As scientific evidence grows, governments are reevaluating their policies, aiming to strike a balance between patient safety and expanding the potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Join Psychedelic Support on Wednesday August 16th, 2023 from 9 AM-10 AM PT (Pacific Time) for a Q&A about the current issues around legal access to psychedelic therapy with Plant Medicine Law Group’s Adriana Kertzer and Deborah Linden Saly, and Nelson Hardiman’s Harry Nelson. PMLG is a law firm focused on psychedelic infrastructure in CA, NY, OR, CO, and GA and Nelson Hardiman is the largest healthcare and life sciences specialty law firm in Los Angeles.


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Harry’s work as an advisor focuses on practical solutions to problems at the intersection of healthcare transformation and regulatory and reimbursement compliance and strategy. While his experience has extended into virtually every facet of healthcare facilities and life science organizations, his work in recent years has emphasized digital and behavioral health, retail medical models, and emerging therapeutics including cannabis and biologic products.